BMC chief asks assistant commissioners to monitor water plaints The BMC has already imposed 10 per cent water cut in city after lakes, that supply water, depleted due to scanty rainfall last year.

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Assistant commissioners of every ward in Mumbai will have to start monitoring all the water-related complaints, the civic body chief directed on Saturday. The order comes after water-related problems increased over the past fortnight. The BMC has already imposed 10 per cent water cut in city after lakes, that supply water, depleted due to scanty rainfall last year.

During a monthly review meeting, Ajoy Mehta, the Municipal Commissioner, directed all the assistant commissioners to monitor the complaints carefully. As per the direction, the officials will have to visit the places wherever such problems have come up.

“Since there is already a water cut, residents in several areas like Bandra, Santa Cruz, Chembur among others were complaining of poor water supply,” said an official from the Hydraulic Engineering department of BMC.

In addition, the Hydraulic Engineering department has been asked to check water withdrawal from its tanker filling points. The department will have to ensure that water metre installed at all the filing points are working. The tankers coming for refiling will also have to follow colour code as per the policy.

With 10 per cent official water cut across the city, the civic body is taking all measures to conserve water.In December last year, the civic chief had directed Hydraulic Engineering department directed to install water meter at all 18 tanker-filing points across the city. “The purpose of water meter to check illegal withdrawal of water if there is any,” said a senior official from Hydraulic Engineering department.

He further said that this will also help the department to check how much water was given through tankers.

In addition, the tankers coming for refiling at filing points have to follow the colour code. “The policy was framed a year ago. However, we want it to be followed,” said the official. He added that tankers being used for not potable water purpose can not be used for potable water or municipal services.

Earler, there were allegations that tanker mafias in the city were causing huge loss to BMC with illegal refiling water at 18 filling points. Following such reports, the civic chief directed the civic hydraulic and health departments to prepare the comprehensive water tanker policy guidelines for water tankers.

In April 2017, the civic body brought new tanker policy for waters. As per the new policy, it has made mandatory to installation of water meters and night vision closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at tanker-filling points. It also made the health department’s license compulsory for every tanker.


  • BMC to ensure that water meter installed at all filing points are working   
  • Tankers will also have to follow colour code as per the policy

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